Career Field Consultation

The career of a person defines his/her entire life. It is important that you choose your career with great mind and consideration. Sometimes when we are being qualified, we fail to put our feet in certain profession. You need to put a belief in astrology and Pro Priya Gumber Ji (Astrologer in Ludhiana) will help you his time getting the perfect as per your signs. When we spent a lot of time in job, then you feel to get a promotion in job but this is not happen. These type of problems occurs because your horoscope and planets moves in hurricane condition. Many of us have faced a situation where in spite of our fullest of efforts and success. Sometimes you are performing with full dedication and hard-work but results not came right what you are expecting.

Career field consultation

Many businessman fails to set up our business. They are more disappear because many hurdles came in their field. If you are in stress and you think to find how these kinds of problems can be solved?  If your child is unable to complete his/her studies/ if your child confused to select the right way for the study/ Should your child go for abroad studies or you are puzzled to choose the right technology? Because your whole life depends on the Career, if you are confuse to choose a right way. You have to need to seek advice from Pro Priya Gumber ji for career field Consultation. She will check your current position of planets and horoscope then you will easily take a right decision in life for set your career.


Astrology for Success in competition exams

Taking competitive exams are very crucial from the perspective of any straggler who actually wants to success in terms of achieving set goals like career making in desired field. There are cases when it has been seen that a person who worked hard to be able to pass the exam despite of those who do not put much efforts in studies but excel in diverse fields. Fate is what plays an important role in a person’s life. It could be you or anyone in your known who is going through many hardships of studies like he or she is having difficulty in overcoming the troubles, improving focus, building interest in study matter hence get frustrated to achieve better grades in exams.  It could be the planets in your horoscope, or the present transit which could be the reason of lack of interest in studies or other issues. With the help of assistance from Mrs. Priya, astrologer in Ludhiana, you can reach towards your aims via following some good ways. She aids you with your exam to bestow luck for your exam. She has huge experience in astrology practice.

The condition of a student is somewhat baffled and anxious for upcoming exams and results. Sometimes due to fear and tension, few students even get nervous to write the correct answers on the answer sheet for the asked questions. No need to worry now. Astrological studies have solutions for you so it would be useless to feel disappointed in any exam. To get rid of all tensions and worries, Priya Ji will recommend useful solutions for exams and career options. These success solutions bring good Luck charm that you will never get irritated and you will find admirable expected results which you will definitely help you to reach high when in your career life. So, I life we confront different unfavorable situations numerous times. Such things over and over again hinder our productivity in studies and jobs. Even if we practice a lot and are confident, we may not be able to use the knowledge when it is required. Such tribulations may occur because of the out of place of the planet mercury’s site in horoscope. There are many remedies to solve such sorts of problem, know what is the right way that you need to do through consultation with the Ludhiana’s best famous astrologer.

Cancel Manglik mangal Dosha of horoscope

According to Vedic astrology, Mars is the planet of emotions or hostile planet, signification of a native’s health, physique, and personality identify the afflicted houses of a person’s birth horoscope.  If placed unfavorably, Mars is the most damaging planet results in failed marriages if its placement in 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house. It is considered as inauspicious or mangal dosha and is believed to be critical for marriages, causing depressed situations and increase stress in their relationship, severely affect to disharmony between needs in the lives the spouses and eventually to other bigger problems. Also, it is believed that if a manglik person marries to another manglik person then the negative effect of manglik dosha is cancelled. Mangal dosha is marks as the major deciding parameter in Hindu marriages as it will affect your future. This Kuja dosha also causes late marriage and after marriage problems. In Hindu society, if a manglik marrying a non-manglik something really bad happens which could be even danger of partner’s dying. In astrology, the ill effects of Mangal Dosh can be overcome with the help of astrological remedies for problems hindering our lives which would generally include the application of dedicated mars pooja, Mantras, wearing gemstones, fasting, volunteering ones services and these remedies vary for different individuals based on their horoscopes.

manglik doshaAs astrology speaks, Mars plays an important role in the event of marriage of a person and manglik dosha is a flaw is caused by it. It can be a source of bad luck and a person himself may undergo very bad time. It is also identified as Kuja dosha. Horoscope matching, an ancient tradition in which kundalis of the bride and the groom are matched prior to the wedding is finalized between the two. Generally Hindu communities act as per the dictates of the horoscope. ‘Manglik dosha’ becomes a major serious issue to settle down marriage for both a girl and a boy who marry with great expectations because it is regarded to be the most crucial factor in match-making. Consult and get advice of proper remedies for such issues, Mrs. Priya Gumber, best astrologer from Ludhiana can solve all of it.

Crystals bring positivity, protection and healing

Crystal healingCrystal healing incorporates aspects of healing a patient using stones and crystals charged with energy called as an alternative medicine technique. In one method, the practitioner places crystals around the different body parts to build an energy healing grid.  Crystals healing are now a genuine factor of a holistic approach to self assurance, grow mentally and spirituality. Just the act of placing various crystals on or close to your body can help absorb negative energy from the human energy field or energetic impurities to release it and get your all right. Crystals are supposed to be helpful in the way that best serves you mind, body & soul in good way. There are lots of different types of crystals on the planet however only few of them are used in crystal healing. If you are feeling lost in life, You’ve been hurt and found yourself all alone, living a stressful life, the emotional effects of having a serious physical illness , or just looking for what you get the most out of life  and want to live your life to the fullest– here you go!

So, the best in business and personal development is to use crystals which Soak up everything you want it to be in the process of crystal healing, through the magical properties of crystals. Crystal Healing has been the simplest approach to creating the life you’ve always wanted. When choosing crystals the most significant thing it follows the principle of energy always follows your thought or intention.  This means that things need to be consider before choosing a crystal that you already have in mind about what you want it to do. Then see which particular crystal or crystals be a magnet for your attention.  Crystals, which are a kind of beneficial subtle energy medicine, work on the real human energetic cause of something and leaving dirty energy around.

Though there’s no proof of these scientific claims, it is supported by a lot of evidence in history. Crystal healing is a popular alternative therapy where crystals such as Quartz are rubbed on the affected body part of the candidate until the pain lessens. Crystals can be round, pointed, square, phantom, natural point, rectangular, spheres and pyramid. Further, crystals contain energy vibrations and each color is connected to different healing properties and can be used to heal various problems in the body. The crystals bring perfect harmony of the chakras and channel energy to the required region of our body. Colours and gems are meant to be valuable to bring balance into spiritual/energy centers, commonly called chakras. The proponents believe that the basic concept of crystal healing helps human beings going into a receptive mode to the vibrations of the crystals. When crystals come into contact with the body, they have the effect of various frequency powerful vibrations on it, and hence one of the ways to get benefit from the properties of these crystals is wear them as rings, bracelet, earrings or a pendant. Now available service in north India at

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Non-invasive benign healing practice

Reiki is an alternative form of healing someone with palms or generally called hands-on healing in which universal energy is transmitted to perform physical or emotional healing. A professional practitioner uses this technique with perceived healing qualities to treat medical condition or disease and promote well being of the ailing body. This technique from Japan based on the idea of unseen energy flow administered by higher intelligence. The universe functioning acts as a source of guidance to reduce stress levels and gives you a feel of deep relaxation.

reiki healing-Famous astrologer in Ludhiana

Negativity whether in thoughts or feelings is what makes you down which hamper the quality of living. The valuable study of Reiki healing responds to the restricted energy flow in the body done with the moments of touch and works directly to resume the normal healthy flow throughout the body by bringing comfort. Patients may experience heat in the practitioner’s hands, however sometimes certain people feel refreshingly cool hands of practitioner. The healing practice nourishes the unhealthy organs and tissues to function in balance way that several individuals fall into a profound sleep like meditative state. Receiving Reiki is a fantastically passive experience in which your state will change quite naturally as the treatment proceeds. People normally report a feeling of peaceful and mental lucidity and fine asleep after Reiki spiritual form of session.