Reiki is an alternative form of healing someone with palms or generally called hands-on healing in which universal energy is transmitted to perform physical or emotional healing. A professional practitioner uses this technique with perceived healing qualities to treat medical condition or disease and promote well being of the ailing body. This technique from Japan based on the idea of unseen energy flow administered by higher intelligence. The universe functioning acts as a source of guidance to reduce stress levels and gives you a feel of deep relaxation.

reiki healing-Famous astrologer in Ludhiana

Negativity whether in thoughts or feelings is what makes you down which hamper the quality of living. The valuable study of Reiki healing responds to the restricted energy flow in the body done with the moments of touch and works directly to resume the normal healthy flow throughout the body by bringing comfort. Patients may experience heat in the practitioner’s hands, however sometimes certain people feel refreshingly cool hands of practitioner. The healing practice nourishes the unhealthy organs and tissues to function in balance way that several individuals fall into a profound sleep like meditative state. Receiving Reiki is a fantastically passive experience in which your state will change quite naturally as the treatment proceeds. People normally report a feeling of peaceful and mental lucidity and fine asleep after Reiki spiritual form of session.


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